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7:00 pm

First Meeting of 2020

The Hideout Beats & Eats
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Second Meeting of 2020

The Hideout Beats & Eats
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Third Meeting of 2020

The Hideout Beats & Eats
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Last Meeting of 2020

The Hideout Beats & Eats
March 9 2020
7:00 pm

First Meeting of 2020

The Hideout Beats & Eats
411 Lantern St, Red Deer County, Ab

100 Men Red Deer

One man may not be able to spark real change in our community, but with 100 Men, anything is possible. Your contribution will help us make a massive impact in our community by giving to organizations who need it the most. Join us as we embark on the journey towards elevating the world around us.

Do you…

  • Want to help local charities but have limited time?
  • Prefer your charitable donations to stay local?
  • Like learning more about the programs and service
  • Want to have a direct and immediate impact?


How It Works

The Simplest Charity to be part of.

For you as a member…

  • Show up to the next meeting
  • Listen to 3 charities
  • Ask questions
  • Make a donation of $100, with a tax receipt
  • Meet a great group of guys
  • Have a beverage or some food
  • Go home knowing you’ve made a difference in one hour!
  • Come to next meeting (4 meetings per year)

For the charities…

  • Be nominated by member of 100 Men Red Deer
  • 3 charities get randomly selected prior to the meeting
  • Present at the next meeting
  • Members vote anonymously
  • 1 charity wins by majority vote
  • Each members donates $100 to the successful charity
  • Charity issues tax receipt

Be Involved - Join 100 Men Red Deer

Do we have your consent to contact you?
Privacy Statement
We have no desire to sell your information or bombard you with countless emails or calls for things not pertaining to 100 Men Red Deer. We have better things to do.
Rules for Membership
Commitment Details
● By joining, you are committing to donate $100 per meeting, 4 times per year to local charities.
● If you are not present at any meeting, you agree to submit your $100 donation to the charity that was chosen. Donations are to be sent directly to the charity.
● Each member present at the meeting will be eligible to vote once for every $100 donation​.
● Members who did not vote for the successful charity agree to make their donation to the charity selected by majority vote of the group.
● Members will receive a tax receipt directly from each successful charity.
● Charities selected to present at each meeting will not be released to the membership, public, nor media prior to each meeting.


To be a 100 Men Red Deer charity, each must…

  • Be registered with Canada Revenue Agency with a valid charitable number.
  • Successful charities must issue tax receipts to each 100 Men Red Deer member who donated.
  • Be active in Central Alberta (within 100 km of Red Deer).
  • Use donated funds within Central Alberta, if successful.
  • Not use 100 Men Red Deer member information for future donation requests or soliciting.
  • Be nominated by an active 100 Men Red Deer member.

Contact Us

Outgoing President: Dan Sims

Incoming President: Konstantin Neykurs


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